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Voters need to see that Joe Kent would be a disaster for Southwest Washington. He wants to “de-fund the FBI,” opposes Washington’s mail-in voting, saying it opens the door to fraud and undermines democracy, and called Putin “reasonable” after he threatened to use nuclear weapons. And he plans to “purge” the Republican Party of anyone who disagrees with him. We need more bridge builders in Congress – not bomb throwers like Joe Kent.

Joe Kent’s agenda is to purge the Republican Party of “establishment types” who do not share his Pro-Putin and anti-FBI views, he has close ties with right-wing extremists, including hiring an advisor who was a member of the ‘Proud Boys’ (one of the groups that organized the January 6th insurrection and attack on the Capitol) and he called Putin a “reasonable thug” as if there were such a thing. He described Russia’s demand that Ukraine give over territory to Russia as “very reasonable.” Joe Kent simply can’t be trusted to defend the US in Congress.

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Joe Kent supports a national ban on all abortion rights that would end access to abortion in every state, including Washington. That would overturn the clear preference of Washington voters. He supports the most extreme ban on abortion – no exceptions of any kind – including cases of rape, incest, danger to the life of the mother or literally anything else.  He wants to defund Planned Parenthood because he claims they sexually groom and chemically castrate children.

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Joe Kent believes the “Big Lie” and promotes the idea that the 2020 national election was stolen from Donald Trump and wants to eliminate mail-in voting like the system we use  in Washington State to manipulate how we hold elections here. If elected, he would undermine legitimate elections and threaten the future of democracy.

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Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, Democrat, is a fifth-generation Washingtonian, a small business owner and a pro-choice mother. She’s running to represent Washington’s third Congressional District to bring the voices of working people back to DC. Marie will work for Washington!